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RedBridgeSmall Group Classroom Seminars;

Informal, extremely educational and fun, with 10 students or less, we participate in classroom type discussions, have weekly assignments and offer anytime, any topic support for future questions.

Our core classes are; Basic Photography, Advanced Photography, Intro to Photoshop


Home Study Classes & Online Seminars:

These are self paced Photography learning programs, well illustrated, easy to understand and geared to anyone who wishes a better understanding of Photography with the end result of great images.

~Digital Photography; The Basics & Beyond ~Advanced Photography

Annie JayAdvanced Techniques , Business Related Seminars and B2B Consulting;

A multitude of advanced studio and on location topics are covered in these individual seminars. We regularily instruct business in house photographers on the fine points of product, fashon and still life photography.

~Controlling the Image with Light, ~Multiple LightingTechniques, ~Starting A Photo Business, ~Advanced Lighting, ~Setting up a Home Studio


CypressIndividual Instruction and Tutoring:

Classes can be tailored to your personal needs and capabilities. Our core classes are:

  • Photography for the rest of us.
  • Setting up a home studio.
  • Nature, Landscape, and Macro Photography Workshops.
  • Working with RAW files
  • Advanced Photoshop Techniques
  • Send me an E-Mail for rates.

PearsPhoto and Photoshop Tips and Tricks;

Free online Lessons, Tips & Tricks involving all aspects of Photography and Photoshop.

Constantly updated with new lessons added regularly.


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